Pio Santini 1908-1986


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APIOS (Association for the worldwide influence of Pio Santini’s work) was created in 1991 by his three sons, with the aim of helping to know him and his work better, as an artist who has his place in the European cultural inheritance.  The main way APIOS uses to attain this objective is the organization of exhibitions around Pio Santini’s work and life.  Since 1991 the following exhibitions have been organized:

1992 , Paris
: February 25th to March 14th, first Pio Santini retrospective, in the Town hall of 16th district (Pio Santini’s studio was located not far from the Town Hall). On the occasion a brochure was published, on the front cover was the painting appearing on the poster of the exhibition :  his Parents, showing the father and the mother of the painter with poetry and grandeur.

1998, Paris :  October 6th to November 21st, "Artists Families" exhibition, which gathered works of four 20th century painters, having in common  that their children are artists in various disciplines :
-    George Arditi, father of four actors,  including Pierre Arditi and Catherine Arditi - Lucien Fontanarosa, father of three famous musicians and performers, including Patrice Fontanarosa, a highly regarded violonist
-    Edouard Mac Avoy, father of several artists, actors or musicians
-    Pio Santini :  two of his three sons were actors: the youngest one, Mario Santini (who died in 2001) and the eldest one, Pierre Santini.  This exhibition took place in the private room of the Town hall of the 6th district.

2000, Paris : from 10th to February 27th, a homage was paid to Pio Santini during the exhibition  "Painters of the Show", which was held in Radio France House.  About fifty works of Pio Santini figured in this exhibition. 

2003, Saint-Mammès : This village was frequented by several impressionist painters at the end of 19th century, especially by Sisley. Pio Santini’s in law-family had a property there on the Seine bank and the artist painted various landscapes there.  Sixty paintings of Pio Santini were exhibitted there from June 28th to July 9th. 

2005, Boulogne-Billancourt : exhibition of about sixty paintings by Pio Santini at the Landowski Space from February 10th to March 14th, inaugurated by the senator-mayor Jean-Pierre Fourcade.

2007, Tivoli :  Pio Santini’s sons have always wished to organize a retrospective of their father’s work in his birthplace. This project is expected  in the splendid private rooms  of the Villa d’Este. 

Apios (Association for the worldwide influence of Pio Santini’s work): to join this association, write to : Association APIOS - 28 square Clignancourt, 75018 Paris (annual subscription 25 €).