Pio Santini 1908-1986


Exhibitions - updated [24/08/11 ]

Pio Santini took part in lots of exhibitions in France and in Italy, particularly :

- Rome Quadriennial
- Independents’ Salon (member)
- National Salon of Fine Arts
- Milan Biennial (member)
- Autumn Salon
- Comparison Salon
- French Artists Salon (member)
- Paul-Louis Weiller’s Portraits Prize contest
- Selection at the French Artists Salon in USSR (1975, Moscow Pouchkine Museum, and Leningrad Hermitage Museum )


He also organized many personal exhibitions, such as :

- Paris 1955, Barbizon Gallery
- Rome 1959, La Fontanella Gallery
- Tivoli 1959, Villa d'Este
- Paris 1960, Boissière Gallery
- Pari 1962, Atri Gallery
- Milan en 1963, Verritré Gallery
- New York 1966, Gregory Art Gallery
- Paris 1966, Ror Volmar Gallery
- Tokyo 1975, Okada Gallery
- Paris 1980, Bernheim-Jeune Gallery


He obtained many awards and prizes , in particular :

- The Great Prize of the French Artists Show in 1970
- The Gold medal of the French Artists Show in 1971
- The Ernest Marche Prize in 1974
- The Great Prize of the French Artists Show in 1975 the Silver gilt Medal of “the Art Science &Letters Company”
- The Finez-Planard Prize (Taylor Foundation) in 1981
- The J.M. Avy Prize (Taylor Foundation) in 1983
- The Roger Deverin Prize in 1984


Pio Santini had been made Freeman of his birthplace, Tivoli, an honor that he have shared with Professor Emilio Segre, Nobel Prize of Physics. 

Pio Santini founded and animated the Villa d’Este Prize (1947-1955) which, under the presidency of the French Ambassador in Roma and the Italian Ambassador in Paris, and with the participation of very eminent personalities of Arts and Letters, was dedicated to French artists, writers musicians of Latin spirit, and contributed to the revival of Franco-Italian exchanges. In the same spirit he created and chaired the "Romans in Paris" Association